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Apply to be Staff

Post by Spiritus on Mon Jun 01, 2015 4:32 pm

So you want to be a staff member?

Spiritus was created by a single person. However, to keep the site running long-term staff members are needed! I am looking for one or two  more admin and two or three moderators for starting off. The duties, what I am looking for in each staff member, and an application is below.

Admin: Another person to run the site, to co-own it. This entails a lot of commitment. A lot of commitment means a lot of time to put into the site. Coding and graphics work is a huge plus for an admin to have, but activity is the most important. This person must of had experience at least with moderating other sites. They are responsible for well, everything. Keeping up with site updates, announcements, events, accepting new members, and the shop counter are the main duties as these require administrative ability.

Moderators: Moderators keep an eye on the place and keep everything in order. They are responsible for deleting and moving threads to keep the place organized. They are to answer questions, judge fights, guide quests, and hopefully be fantastic artists to help improve the site's appearance. Activity is also important, but not nearly as much as for an admin.

If you want to apply, fill out the application below. There is no set date for when we accept or decline anyone. This will be completely random.

<b>OOC Name:</b>
<br><b>Admin or Moderator?:</b>
<br><b>Activity Level:</b> How often can we expect you to be on?
<br><b>Coding or Graphics?:</b> Give some examples.
<br><b>Why?:</b> Why do you want to be an admin or mod? You can keep this simple.<br><b>Ideas:</b> What ideas do you have for the site?
<br><b>Anything else?:</b> You can tell me anything you want! What do you like to do? School or work? Anything interesting? Anything you want me to know about you to help this decision or even just to add?


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Re: Apply to be Staff

Post by Ragnarök on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:29 pm

OOC Name: Ragnarök

Admin or Moderator?: Moderator

Activity Level: Due to a compulsion to check all sites I am part of as much as I can, you will most likely find me online at weird timings, and possibly for extended periods of time. An average would be about 5 days a week because I do have events on.  

Coding or Graphics?: Since I'm on a phone, I have no way of showing you things. I have, however, done word and photo manipulation. My skill would not be average as of yet, as I recently started learning a week ago. I am also learning coding (html, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery etc). I started coding 6 days ago, because I only recently found a decent coding site then.

Why?: For starters, I've never been given leadership opportunities and I think this would be a good way to start. Not only that, the idea of helping to moderate a site appeals to me. It sounds both fun and an excellent way to learn and grow. (Cliche, I know, but truth. What can ya do?)

Ideas: Hmm, how about adding items to the shop? I'm pretty sure I can help with that - I have a creative mind and... A very extremely imaginative brain in the sense that I come up with new ideas easily. However feasible they may be.

Anything else?: Hm, how about that I'm between the ages of 12 to 15 and am (I am being completely honest with you, I'm not even going to lie. Don't like lying)female living in Asia? Though I may seem a little too young for this task, I can assure you that I am more than ready to do this type of thing. I'm a responsible person on the whole (but don't ask me to do math), I'm creative and imaginative as mentioned above, I am a semi-literate role player? That last one, the semi-literate one, I'm not sure about it. Coming from Asia where we have very high standards of children, I am extremely proficient in the English language. (Also a grammar Nazi, *evil laughter*)
What else is there left to tell? Oh yeah! On another site, White Wolf Mountain, I am the member Akh. I write welcome messages for new members I see which is a bad habit of mine. I have the urge to write stuff so much ahahahhahahahahahahahhahaha


Sorry if I scared you off?

Anyway, I hope this application gets through, and even if it doesn't, you can bet yourself you've got one hecka active member of Spiritus!

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