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Post by Spiritus on Sat May 02, 2015 4:17 pm

This is where you can request your account to be updated. If you change packs, leave a pack, change ranks, won a contest, finished a tread, want to drop a character, need judging for a fight, or anything of that sort will be posted here. Below are updates for things you can claim Life Points (LP) for. This information is also found in the guidebook.

Been a member for 4 months- 50 LP
Been a member for 6 months- 100 LP
Been a member for 1 year- 500 LP
Win a Spotlight- 250 LP
50th Post- 50 LP
100 Post- 100 LP
Failed Hunt- 30 LP
Successful Hunt- 50 LP
Complete Training Thread (practice fight, healing someone, hunting practice, etc.)- 50 LP
Finished Short Thread (min 5 posts for your character)- 50 LP
Finished Medium Thread (min 7 posts for your character)- 75 LP
Finished Long Thread (min 11 posts for your character)- 100 LP
Finished Super Thread (min 16 posts for your character)- 125 LP
Advertise - 4 LP per advertisement
Create Art For Spiritus- 20-100 LP
Complete 3 Art Requests For Members- 30 LP

Fill out the form below to update your account.

What do you need?: Update pack? Rank change? Dropping a character? Earned LP? Fight judging?
Appropriate Links: Add a link to the thread you completed, the fight, your advertisement(s), etc.


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