[AW] A World to Explore

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[AW] A World to Explore

Post by Astra on Sat Jun 13, 2015 2:41 pm

To the stars...

Never before had she seen anything like it. The place amazed her with its surreal appearance. There was a stony ground beneath her delicate paws and structures created from the same stones. The structures were hollow like dens, but towered far above her head. Odd colored eyes gazed up at them in awe for the first time. They peered over their decaying forms now covered with moss, vines, and even trees emerging from the cracks. She had traveled far to these lands seeking a place to start over, to truly begin her own journey. She was quite young to be on her own already, but she did not know of any other options. Thrill filled her body with boundless energy erupting from her slender form as she lively trotted through the ancient ruins. She explored every turn, every structure. She entered each one and breathed in the various scents that lingered both old and new. It tickled her nose with an overwhelming sensation. Although the place was dead, it felt so alive to her. The powerful scents and astounding structures formed a world she never knew existed.

She lingered out of one of the structures and onto the stony steps. Her long, ivory fur stood out against the gray surroundings. She appeared as a ghost aimlessly wandering through the ruins haunting the place. For a moment she gently closed her eyes and felt the beating of the harsh, summer sun and listened to the soft voices around her. The young female felt a deep connection with spiritual energy, and this place was filled with it. Excitement burst through her as she swore she could feel the presence of spiritual beings everywhere. Her tail trashed wildlife behind her slender form with joy. The beauty of the world was gradually unraveling itself to her, even with her eyes closed. Slowly opening them once again, she could see the tangent world before her, but not as clearly as most. While she could see clearly with her pink eye, her left blue eye was sightless. There was nothing but darkness in that clouded eye. It often saddened her for she had many blind spots around her. It would be easy for others to sneak up on her. It made defending herself difficult, and sometimes even hunting could pose to be quite a challenge. Yet, she did not let that slow her down. She still had one good eye, and she viewed the loss of her sight in one eye a price she had to pay for her deep spiritual connection to the world. It was not her who was missing out, it was everyone else.

Dark clouds could be seen on the horizon. An occasional flash of lighting accompanied it. Judging by the direction the wind was blowing, it was heading in her direction. There was still plenty of time to seek shelter later and let herself finish exploring. Besides, a downpour would offer great relief from the stifling heat that was nearly choking her. The young female bounded off again, her paws gliding over the stony surface as she wove through the ruins continuing her exploration.



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