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Astra- to the stars!

Post by Astra on Sat Jun 13, 2015 1:06 pm

OOC Name: Ghost
How did you find us: I created the site.
Character Name: Astra
Character Species: Arctic Wolf x Alaskan Wolf
Character Age: 1 Year
Appearance: A dainy, femme with a slender form. She is a medium sized female that stands 28" at the shoulder and weighs around 100lbs. Her form is built with delicate care. Every curve is smoothly sculpted to create a lithe build. She has lean muscle to increase her speed, but lacks in physical strength. She has long legs and rounded arctic ears.

She is partially alibino, leaving her with some pink skin. Her nose is entirely pink. The pads of her paws are a matching shade of pink, including the skin around one of her eyes. Her right eye is lined with pink, that same eye has a pink colored iris and a crimson colored pupil. Her left eye exhibits more normal coloration, but is sadly clouded over to express blindness. Her left eye is a light blue color, but the cloudiness makes it appear deeper and richer in color. It is outlined with black skin.

Personality: A quirky female filled with a unique personality. She is a Kind-heartedfemale who seeks peace rather than violence. In her eyes, violence should only be used in certain situations as a last resort. She is full of endless energy and possesses an iron will. With that comes quite a bit of stubbornness. When her mind is set on something, there is no going back. Her high level of energy often results in her talking too much once she overcomes being a bit shy around those she is not familiar with. She has mild social anxiety, but it is easily overcome the longer she is around someone. It usually presents itself as awkwardness. It stems from her worries of being looked down upon and judged for her ways of life.

Speaking of which, she does have strange ways which is what makes her so quirky. For starters, she views herself as a shaman. She is a healer with a vast knowledge of herbs for physical ailments and spiritual remedies for emotional troubles. She is highly spiritualand refers to spirits and higher powers frequently. She believes she can communicate with spirits  as well. Part of this comes from her ability to see the past, present, and sometimes even the future. All of this ties into her shamanistic ways. There is something else peculiar about her as well. She has an obsession with blood. She enjoys treating others who have injuries, but she does so at a price and that is to taste their blood. Sometimes she invades personal space to do so and may go as far as causing small injuries for a taste and to enjoy the sight of it. She is often found with small bite marks on her legs and paws from herself as she often uses her own blood for spiritual rituals. Many believe she is insane for such taboo behavior. It is really nothing more than an obsession.

While she is fearless of most things, believing them all to be either from the spirits or a belief that she can handle anything that comes her way, she still has one phobia that gets in the way of her normal everyday life. She has agoraphobia, the fear of open spaces. She will never be willfully found in an open landscape and will only be found in forested areas. Some rocky terrain will suffice for short periods of time. Nothing to her is worse than being in an open field or meadow. If forced to be there, she will likely break her own beliefs of violence as a last resort and attack any who stand in her way of retreating to her safety.

History: Coming soon!
Desired Pack: Loner
Purchased Items for Character: Partial albino, heterochromia, and the sight ability.


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