[AW] Darkness Holds no Solace

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[AW] Darkness Holds no Solace

Post by Sigrun on Sat Jun 13, 2015 11:13 am

Light bled through the forest, creating lengthy, late afternoon shadows which blended together. The light, blue sky began to grow to deeper blues and even a tinge of purple as evening was drawing closer. It would also provide cooler temperatures from the blistering heat of the mid-summer's day. A gentle breeze crept over the earth and rustled the lush, green leaves which tightly clung to the tree branches, or at least to the trees that still lived. Many of the trees in the Whispering Woods were deceased.  Still, it was only a matter of time before those few leaves would bloom into radiant, autumn colors before making their decent to the ground. Massive paws struck the earth carelessly. The fallen leaves crackled beneath his hefty weight while shuffling paws stirred up the forest underbrush. The male did not care who was around to hear his movements if they had not already picked up his scent which certainly lingered in the air. There was no need to conceal himself if he was not hunting for he was not the one who should be frightened of what lurked in such an eerie place. He was a creature of unspoken arrogance. Instead he showed it in his regal posture and powerful strides.

Tongue lolled from open jaws with a sheepish grin. Oh what delicacies linger here? Saliva dripped from his pink lips as the delicious scent of a rabbit found its way to his nose. While adventuring into one of his favorite places in these new lands, he had stumbled upon prey without even looking for it. This place was teaming with life and so few wolves, or at least yet. Untouched by tainted paws such as his own, the pleasure of being the first was so satisfying. With deep, crimson eyes he peered around at the world around him as he continued onward, deeper, and deeper into the Whispering Woodlands. This was a place filled with lovely things. For those hungry for something besides prey, there were other things as well. Other wolves certainly would want to explore a forest deemed to be haunted. What sort of cocky fools would not want to test their bravery or what spirituals would not want to venture here? His wolf eyes glistened through his deception, a wolf in sheep's clothing to catch what would truly satisfy his hunger. What that was, no one except himself knew.

Something had drawn his attention besides the innocent rabbit, who inevitably sprinted away when he heard the young male's reckless plodding through the forest. He had hardly even noticed the rabbit's disappearance for there was something more delicious here. Was that the faint scent of another wolf? His steady trot eased to a halt, head held high above his shoulders and his tail fallen inert behind his bulky form. Ears swiveled, always listening to his surroundings. Blinking hard he continued forward again, his tail now swaying violently behind him with confidence. Glistening eyes were eager to continue exploring this intriguing area. Equally as enjoying as what else he would find here, but who he would find here. He licked his lips with pleasure at the thought. He then closed his muzzle to keep a certain composure when in company of others. Yet, that sheepish grin still remained.



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