Sigrun - Secret Victory

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Sigrun - Secret Victory

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OOC Name: Ghost
How did you find us: I created the site.
Character Name: Sigrun
Character Species: Hudson Bay Wolf
Character Age: 2 Years
Appearance: Strength is 50% power and 50% mind. He stands a massive 43" at the shoulder and tops the scales at 140lbs. His form is muscular with smooth edges to hold a well sculpted form built for the development of strength over all else.

Unique coloration. A unique shade of brown covers most of his body. A light, brown appearing even a bit creamy. It holds a bit of a gray hue to match. Even more unique is the pink skin that is exposed due to being partially albino. It is enough to give much of his skin a pink color, but most of his fur still holds a lovely hue. Paw paws, nose, and lips are all a bright pink. This includes the skin around his eyes where most wolves it is sable. The pink coloring outlines crimson-red eyes.   A splash of ivory over his face and chest, ending where his belly begins. It runs over his eyes to his forehead and ending at a point. White outlines the inners of his ears, and also tips his paws and tail.
Personality: Sigrun- Secret Victory.
Clandestine. He masks his true intentions and true nature around many. Around the rest, he still holds a secretive nature, keeping a stilled tongue.  

He is a belligerent and merciless creature by heart and carries such pride with it. He draws his strength from it.  A wolf of greedy cravings which are ceaseless. Cravings that do not end at mere power. It calls for knowledge, the best prey, the best mate, and for the entire world beneath his paws. He seeks to capture it all. He is reluctant to take anything given. For his gluttonous self does not want such ease, but to earn it all himself. Something he can rightfully take pride in.  

The lion lays down with the sheep. He cloaks himself to appear of a more neutral nature. He keeps a political face with claims of belief in the balance between light and dark. He offers kindness to those he deems worthy or have something he desires. The tendency to be a deceiving gentle giant. At times it is not because he wears a mask that others get the wrong impression about him, but from his well-collected self and his mastery of patience. The lion lays down with the lamb to observe, plot, and calculate. He lays with patience despite his ever-hungry belly. Good... or delicious things come to those who wait.  

Arrogant. Passionate of his feats and though he will not often boast, there is a certain arrogance in which he carries himself. It is thick on his tone of voice and upon his gazes. Without realizing it, he often looks down on others. He walks with poise and command, undaunted by the dangers which lurk in the shadows, because he himself is the one who lurks.

Insightful and Self-aware. He strides this world with a sense of his own physicality. He understands his limitations and liabilities and seeks indefinitely to push his boundaries and broaden his impression. He is well grounded, entirely self aware of his own status and gravity. It is with this his arrogance flourishes.  

Promises are contracts in blood. While words are known to twist upon his tongue, his sense of pride and arrogance prevents him from breaking any promises. Now that would look weak. He holds true to promises he keeps until the end. He holds a firm belief that promises are contracts in blood and he is always certain to hold up his end- and to make sure the other party does as well.  

Loyalties run deep. He is reliable and dependable, always staying true to what he tells others. His loyalties remain to his pack, to his allegiance. There is strength in numbers, and foolishness to break necessary pack ties. One must not write off the strength of a pack with strong loyalties without wavering. He strives to offer his pack what meets their needs, strengthens minds and bodies to keep them tightly connected.  

Witty. While not much for many words at times, when he finally does speak on a lighter note his words are often witty. He attempts to be light-hearted, one of many ways others frequently mistake his intentions. His wittiness may cause him to come across as a smart-ass. At times it may seem as though he is only joking, when in reality, he is quite serious.  

Any eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Do not most wolves seek vengeance? Such a delicious taste it leaves in ones mouth when that desire is satisfied. There is no guilt associated with it, only a satisfied hunger.

History: Coming soon!
Pack: Ravalin

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Name: Sigrun
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