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Ravalin Pack

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Welcome to Ravalin
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In the cruel, dark world, here is a tranquil sanctuary, hidden away. A place of gathered misfits, miscreants, lost souls, and the ambitious. An odd group formed together by their high aspirations and desires of something better.While the pack favors wolves of darker natures, all alignments can blossom here. They are all highly adaptable to the ever changing world, and with it the pack dynamics may shift. Encouraged to seek knowledge and striving to reach beyond their maximum potential in any talents they possess, they are not to be taken lightly.

One wolf may be strong, but an entire pack can be unstoppable.  They are ready to embrace everything the world has to offer. Loyalty and determination are highly valued. Tread lightly, because those who fail to meet the pack's expectations result in banishment or death. Reward, protection, and rank advancement are given to those who earn it. They are a close pack  —dangerous when cornered alone, and absolutely deadly as a unit.

Pack Ranks

High Ranks

Alpha: Sigrun
The Proven

The Core

Low Ranks


Pack Laws

  • Loyalty to the pack comes first. All other loyalties must be unhinged upon joining.
  • There is no mercy for those who are disloyal. The punishment is death.
  • Once you leave the pack, you are banished forever. There is no coming back and depending on the circumstances which you left will determine if there will be hostility toward you if you happen to cross paths with a current pack member.
  • Taking a mate is permitted, however permission must be sought by the alpha to have pups. It is highly unlikely permission will be denied, this is mainly to show respect.
  • You may challenge another wolf for a higher rank. If a high ranked wolf decides your wolf is not performing well at that rank they can lower you. So hold onto it tight!
  • Violence among pack members is forbidden without cause. Practice fights and small squirmishes are allowed. Violent acts and maiming/death attempts will be harshly punished.
  • All trespassers are taken to the alpha or beta only. It is there that their fate will be decided depending on their purpose for being there. Those wishing to join the pack may not cross the border before acceptance by any high ranked wolf. If they do cross the pack boundary, they will be chased away.
  • Stealing other wolves is forbidden. They are not worth the effort. The only captured wolves permitted to be kept against their will must have a purpose of being held beyond an additional member or for fun. For example a hostage for trade, an enemy to interrogate, etc.
  • Rape is prohibited and punishable by mutilation.
  • Any Ravalin wolf can join in a trespasser’s thread, even if it is private.

Pack Politics

There are no other known packs.

Rank Description

High Ranks
These are the pack's leaders. All of these wolves maintain the pack's structure, make political decisions, and are the only wolves allowed to accept wolves into the pack or banish a wolf from the pack.

    Alphas The highest rank in the pack. They keep the pack together and their word is law. They have the final say in all decisions. They evaluate individuals and are the only wolves to change another's rank. They are responsible for all duties and keeping the order.

    Beta Second in command, they take charge when the alpha is not present. They have proven their loyalty countless times and stand out among the rest. They take part in all duties and pick up the slack where the work is needed.

    Gamma The pack’s adviser. They are well respect and have displayed much valuable knowledge. Not only do they offer advice to the alphas and beta, but they often organize hunts and events. This is a wolf of high intelligence and with strategic skills. They offer guidance and have a say in punishments and pack movements as well.

The Proven
These wolves have proven themselves countless times. Their loyalty is undying. They show some level of mastery in their duty and perform well.

    ShamanShaman’s are highly respected among the pack. So much so that this duty is made its own rank within the pack. They are skilled healers and know their herbs. Their knowledge extends beyond that. It may include knowledge in an array of things from spiritual to survival skills. This position must be earned by being a skilled, knowledgeable, and trust worthy healer.

    Deltas: The pack's most trusted members. They are the pack's enforcers along with the vanguard, but also often lead scouting parties. These wolves are frequently sent on the most dangerous of missions from spying, missionary missions, and much more.

    Vanguard: The hellhounds of the pack. These are the most battle worthy wolves. Some may also include other duties, those who have mastered them. They are well established and have proven themselves many times. They are the pack’s primary protectors.

    Epsilon: These wolves have proven themselves worthy in the pack. They have earned respect and have made quite a bit of advancement in their duties. They are well established within the pack and may have been here for a while.  

The Core
The heart of the pack! These are accepted wolves into the pack and typically consist of younger wolves and elders.

    Theatas: The core fighters, hunters, and scouts of the pack. These wolves are very capable of their duties and show physical and mental promise.

    Sigmas : Elders, sprituals, and peacekeepers. This often includes the pup-sitters and healers.

    Subordinates: Wolves who have no yet proven themselves. They are either new or have been demoted to subordinate until they show their worth.

    Apprentices : - Yearling wolves who are in training for their duty and are trying to prove themselves.

Low Ranks
These wolves are still to be treated with respect and are wolves that need to be highly guarded.

    Heir A wolf under a year old who shows promise. They are the dominate one of the pups.

    Whelps The pups. All wolves under 1 year old.

    Omega These wolves have brought shame to the pack. They have shown disloyalty, or continuously are not able to meet the pack's standards. This is a rank of punishment. These wolves are last to eat and bullied. All hope is not lost for the omegas, for anyone can rise above it.

    Prisoners Captured wolves


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