The Pup Form

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The Pup Form

Post by Spiritus on Mon Jun 01, 2015 10:31 pm

Pup Form

To be able to breed you must fill out the form below. A conception thread is required that states that they attempted to conceive. The form needs to be filled out for both the mother and father. Only one need to post a thread with the filled out form. The title of the post should be Mother's name X Father's name. A staff member will then roll a die to determine the number of pups. The number of offspring depend on the species of your character, whether or not they live in a group or alone, their health, and the time of year. For more details see the breeding section in the guidebook.

A second dice will be rolled to determine the gender of each pup. Odd for males, even for females. Without getting a custom litter or pup from the shop, the colors and size of the offspring will be determined by a staff member. They will tell you possible colors of the litter. For example, gray and black. Your offspring will only be those colors. Which ones and what markings will be up to you. The same goes for eye color.

The form

<b>Parent's Name:</b>
<br><b>Size:</b> Height, weight, and body type.
<br><b>Base Coat Color(s):</b>
<br><b>Eye color:</b>
<br><b>Grandparents Appearance:</b> This part is optional.
<br><b>Genetic disorders or disabilities:</b>
<br><b>Link to conception thread:</b>


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