Spiritus Guidebook

Welcome to Spiritus!

Animal Roleplay | Post-apocalyptic | Liquid-time | Double-time | Play by post
The world is ever changing and we must either change with it, or get left behind. Humans have long died out, vanished over time and the reason is completely unknown to the remaining creatures. Since their disappearance, the landscape of the earth began to change drastically as did everything else. The world is starting from a new beginning. The animals that live here are starting to thrive again and the world is theirs. This is primarily a wolf roleplay, but other species are allowed as well. The characters are semi-realistic, however there is a twist of fantasy here. This site walks the border between semi-realistic and fantasy. Rumors and myths are made reality.

General Rules
-It is recommended that you are at least 18 years of age to join this site. Spiritus is rated R for the possibility of animal violence, gore, language, and sexuality in some threads. It is required that these threads are marked [M] in the title so that viewer discretion is advised.

-If you do not want other characters entering your thread/have a private thread with someone label it with [P] in the title. If it does not have that label, anyone else is permitted to join.

-Be respectful and polite to all members. Do not take what happens in character personally.

-The minimum post requirement in character is 200 words.

-Powerplaying and godmoding is not allowed here. Neither are flawless characters.

-Unsually colored wolves and unusual mutations are not permitted. Regulations on character appearances are in the character section of the guidebook.

-You can use the wildlife account to play as prey or a predator, but you will need to ask admin for the password to access it. You can also use the wildlife account to play NPCs.

-You can play as many characters as you can keep active.

-If you decide you do not want to play one of your characters anymore, you can have them be killed or drop one. You can drop a character in the update account thread. You can drop 2 characters before getting a probation. That means you will not be able to create any more characters for a certain amount of time.

-Only one character per account is allowed. If this is a problem contact an admin and we can help you find a solution to forumotion only allowing one account per email. This could be allowing you to use an alternative member e-mail and then changing it to your own (which you can do yourself) or working out an exception for you to use a single account, but it must be discussed with admin first.

-If you want to be able to display HTML in posts, you will need to go to your profile and enable in under prefrences.

-"Fandom" characters are not permitted. This includes any character from a book, show, movie, etc.

-Art theft will not be tolerated, not only theft on this site, but also using someone else's art from another site without permission or credit to the artist.

-Tables and signatures can not exceed 500px in width.